Our Cocoa

Venezuela has the ideal climate and geographic conditions for the production of cocoa. For over 400 years, these fertile lands have been renowned for the high quality, and wide genetic variety of its cocoa. Our job has consisted in reaching the most remote places in Venezuela in search for the best Fine Cocoa from the most unique locations.

Criollo, Trinitario and hybrids are among the varieties of cocoa that we provide. They are all cultivated under organic farming practices. Rigorous post-harvest practices include fermentation and drying. We are very meticulous with our cocoa. This means that we plan and control each and every stage, from the planting of the seed to the time it reaches you.

A very important part of what we do is working hand in hand with farmers under a fair trade policy. We do our best to give their hard work’s worth back to them, their families, and communities. We invest in providing the necessary tools and knowledge so their methods can be improved in the pursuit of more and better cocoa. We have also raised awareness about the importance of respecting the environment and the preservation of our flora and fauna.

As Venezuelans, as human beings, we are in a restless struggle to build social stability and improve the quality of life of all the people who make a living out of cocoa. Only through fair trade can we ensure sustainable and equitable economic growth that will be reflected in a prosperous future and a better world for all.